jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj is BACKKK

so many new topics
i cant read everything
especially topics with a ltot of pages
if it’s more than 3
i aint reading

see u aroundz


guess who’s back…back again…
Za3ma’s back…tell a friend…
guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back,…etc

welcome back the jjjj girl

PB is emeninming on me

make me stay

welcome back, so many people have been jjjing you at your absence, I really started to get scared

welcome back za3ma :stuck_out_tongue:
where did u disappear to? lol

:yuck: :no:

PB is emeninming on me[/quote]
firstly, i’d like to know which language that word is

and secondly, welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack :slight_smile:

Welcome back ze3maaa <3

la blach harabat 3awtani

PB is emeninming on me[/quote]
firstly, i’d like to know which language that word is[/quote]
She meant Emineming

the rapper sa7?


ahhh i get it now, emineineineimeieming just looked weird at first, i thought she was tryna use “enemy” somehow

and she comes, then disappears again 3leshhhhhh ghberti a benty a benty, t3al lmama a benty a benty


u couldve just edited lol

yeah i know but i can’t be bothered clicking on edit, so i just quick post it :smiley: it’s faster lol

LOL yeah coz its just sooooooooooo hard pressing the edit button…lol

how do u think she got to the top of the posts :smiley:

loooool stop hatin’ guys :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ach is bare jealous, so obvious

and mini habibti 9albi, next time i’ll edit the post just for your sake :wink:

yes, every time i log on and have 2 wade thru 4 pgs of kharbi9a zarbi9a (wdup shady) just 2 get back 2 the subject @ hand and its so long gone no point really…i just feel…so…jealous…