japanese eyes


i know ur laughing
so don’t judge me
it’s just funny
no attack meant or so


edit: for those who can’t read, it’s says
try to read the word in white and black
u can’t
now strech both sides of ur eyes like a japanese
u can read it now

I saw this before, u can read it clearly if you concentrate just one time, without stretching eyes, & it will be clear for the rest of the times…

u can figure it out this way:

  • the letters are in black.
  • the top & buttom of each letter is attached to the black area.
  • the letters are in 3D & towards your right shoulder.

i can’t

lool I can read Bad Eyes very easy

haha… no problem…
because when I was a pupil at school I had alot of exercise books with 3D stereo pics on the back side…
so nothing to do in the class I trained my eyes :cool:

ive seen this email but in english haha :cool:

raaaaacist wla shnou :stuck_out_tongue: za3ma you’re dangerousssss