Jamal Debbouze

Au début d’un des spectacle du comédien marocain Jamal Debbouze, un merveilleux artiste était invité. Je vous laisse découvrir en vidéo.
Et si vous avez déjà vu ça…redécouvrez cet art!


Well, let me keep it short. Watch this video taken from the beginning of one of the concerts of Jamal Debbouze. Art is so amazing!


wooooow. i am speachless. I have seen moving tab and said to myself, it is still nothing seen and almost at then end, when suddenly…

Well watch it :slight_smile:

The music was intriguing, that’s something to make one entertained while watching. Then, there is his moves! He managed to paint exactly what he wanted while dancing! Pretty impressive. I thought that he was painting a goat in the beginning :smiley:

For those who of you who don’t know Jamal Debbouze, here he is:

eh Butterfly !! javoue que c’est super bien fait cette peinture !!!:wink: