Jalal El Hamdaoui Presente Bled Forever (2009)

[center][color=#ba5545][large]Bled Forever[/large][/color][/center]




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OH EM GEE i just noticed this thread :o My bro is a bit of a tightass when it comes to internet usage so i’ll download this after 12 coz its cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

chukran bzaf Tafoukt!!! :okay:

Makayn moshkil LA :slight_smile: hahaha this time i won’t say ‘tfaddel’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh what a cheap ass of brutha u got :fouet: xP hahaha no jk

Hope you enjoying the album cuz i do enjoy it :smiley:

AHAHA i will tell him you said that!! ya benty you don’t want to get those lashes coming back at you :stuck_out_tongue: kidding, luckily he isn’t home that often anymore so i can download till he gets back :smiley:

BUT i have to say i still haven’t download el jamdaoui’s albums yet, will do so inshallah some time soon… coz its ramadan i’m not really listening to music much, i’ve even abandoned my mp3 player :blink:

Other synonyms for makayn moshkil can be: bla jmil, mashy moshkel, la shukran 3la wajib etc. there is also one that i’ve heard an algerian say, and its “bla mzya” which is a bit… i dont know :smiley:

Salam didn’t expect that Jalal Hamdaoui is that famous lol ! Well i have a new song Featuring in OneVoiz song :smiley:

I’ll share with u when i upload it on rapidshare :slight_smile:

i have this CD amaziiiiingggggg stufffff :smiley: