is the hijab an islamic sign ???

the hijab isnt invented by muslims … facts from the bible and judaism …

the vid is in arabic but the most important part is in egyptian english :stuck_out_tongue:


Listen to the answer by Ahmed deedat to miss “i think i’m smart”…she says the veil is a form of opression while her bible says otherwise…
Everything others blame Islam about, is there in their own books, espacially the bible.

the video is from one of Deedat’s many “Christ in Islam” lectures.

i already posted this video :wink:

of couuuuurse, islam didn’t invent the 7ijab, it enforced it … did Mary the mother of Jesus walk around in a bathing suit??? she covered up just as much as muslim women do walhamdulillah…

wa m3amen kathdri a khti lalla :S chkoun sem3ek :frowning:

Mary mother of Jesus was born in time when it was kinda fashion, that’s all :wink: times had change, now we dress up in different way than 3000 or 200 years ago xD it’s true that bible mentions putting somethign on head, however this is rarely known, and noone follows it…
i understand muslims wearing 7ijad and why they do it, but as european girl i would not do it, cuz i’m raised in society where freedom is very important and i know i would’nt feel comfortable covering my head everyday, that’s all, don’t offend chriastians who think 7ijad is something bad, cuz they was raised like this :wink:

That has nth to do with fashion, trust me.woman had always been required to cover herself.

well, rarely known doen’t mean it’s not there, & if the Bible is from God then that’s from God too. shame on them not to follow it.

Then i assume you understand they cover theirselves to keep their dignity by not revealing their bodies to everyone.

yes i do understastant it, but how many muslim girls don’t cover themselves?? does the fact that she put 7ijad on makes ger better? well i don’t believe so… yes she follow quaran verse but does it mean that her cousin who don’t cover her hair is worse or her belief is weaker? its not!!
i know that covering hair is a sign of respect of god for islamic women, chrian woman was covening their hair before they entered to church, and so do nuns now, they dress up similar to muslim women.

But this is not necessary to be a good person. And that’s what matters. If you are principled, you have nothing to fear. Showing your hair does not mean you will automatically turn into a sexual machine.
You can be a good girl and not be covered. And not all covered girls are good.

It’s 7ijaB not 7ijaD.

The fact that not all the coverd girls are good, is not an evidence or excuse to denny the hijab as an Islamic sign.
The girl that is good but not covered still have a lack.
The girl that is covered but not good gets her own judgement.

Though reading about Islam, u don’t seem to have read enough, your comparison of the irl & her cousin says so. that’s not how things go in Islam.

" Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things " [Quran: 2-256]