Is my tunisian husband gay?


my husband’s “friend” left his phone behind and he’s a jerk so i went through his phone

i dont read enough arabic to understand all of this

Help me out with some translation please :slight_smile:

…notice the :heart: in the top left corner where my husband’s contact name should be

and the hearts





Ya Shebab-

min fadlak, could someone please lend me a moment of their time to assist? it seems oighthearted but my situation is getting very dark and scary and heartbreakimg, I need to arm myself with the facts here so I can peotect myself.

It is getting pretty awful i’m not sure what to do as the position i’m left in is just terrible;he abandoned me without paying the rent and left me penniless after stealing my cash and my birth certificate so i cant get a job.

Is this normal behavior?

what should i do?

can someone at least give me a rough idea id what they’re saying in those screen shots?

shukran ya shebab!


First, it’s tunisian, it’s not the same as moroccan darija. second of all, from what i can understand, they’re just having normal conversations, nothing gay about that.

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