Is it really a joke or are they mean?

What does nti rak zmelti mean?

I received this message and when I said I didn’t know what zmelti the person said:

Dahkti habiba

Also What does dahkti mean?

My teacher didn’t want to tell me the direct translations but the person who sent me the messages said it was a joke. Can someone please translate those words in order for me to understand if they were truly a joke or mean? Thanks in advance

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He said …i think you tring to be like a bitch

Does dahkti mean the same?

the guy before me translate “nti rak zmelti”

and the second sentence not clear to translate, maybe there is a mistake there.

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Thanks for your help anyway. I think I will never know that word

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You’re welcome anytime.

Would you be able to translate this message?

O chno katsami had chi?

All I understand so far is AND WHAT YOU… THIS?

It’s " What would you name this?"

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Thanks. I think I’m getting better it’s just the verb conjugations that confuse me.

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Dahki means laugh

Aslash tatdhaki? What are you laughing ?

thanks! I think I finally understand.