Is Brotherhood a Word in Moroccan Arabic?

Can someone please tell me first of all if this is even a word in Moroccan Arabic and if it is what that word is in Moroccan Arabic? I mean brotherhood as in a group of people who have something in common.

As in having an ideology in common?

The only word I know is the one referring to blood brotherhood and sisterhood, which is lkhawa, which you can see has the same roots as akh (brother) and okht (sister). The MSA equivalent of lkhawa is al-ukhowwa.

Yes that will work perfectly for me! Thanks again!

But one more question - Is ikhawa singular or plural? Because I’m looking for the plural version.

It’s not an i at the beginning, but an l.
Also, it’s an uncountable noun.
Share the context you want to use this in. It might come off really weird if used in a formal context.

So if I were to use it as the name of a group would that work?

No, I highly doubt it.

Okay, how about brothers? Brothers as in people who have something in common with a person - Can that word be used in that context in Moroccan Arabic?

I am swayed by your other question about the diaspora, so I need more context to answer accurately.
Also, unless the group is exclusively male, “brothers” wouldn’t work.

The context is people who all have something in common and are all male. Can the word brothers be used in this context in Moroccan Arabic as it can in English?

I am racking my brain trying to find examples of this.
All I can think of is al-ikhwan al moslimeen (the Muslim brotherhood). That’s in formal Arabic and it has an ideological/political ring to it.
Ikhwan Migri (the Migri brothers) is a music band and they are actually blood brothers.
So it might or might not work in your specific context.

I see. I will just go with the word you suggested in the other post, jaliya, as the people I’m referring to are a diaspora of Moroccans. Thanks again!

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