Internet Access 3g?

can anyone help? is it possible to buy a 3G USB dongle in Morocco to pre-pay for internet access? I understand that ones you can purchase in the UK are not compatible with the Maroccan cell phone networks.

IF the answer is “yes”, where could you purchase one in Marrakesh [Mobile phone shop or electronic retailer], & what are they called.

Many thanks in advance

yes u can purchase them in any mobile phone shop … the three moroccan cellphones operators have this option … but i heard that INWI ( ex WANA ) is the best one … a month costs 200dhs and if u wanna just prepay one day it will cost u 10 dhs/day .
the tarifs are the same in all of them … the only difference is the signal and the downloading rate … if ur used to use a good internet im sure ull suffer a bit with the 3G internet in morocco … so be patient :stuck_out_tongue:

Maroc telecom’s 3G USB costs about 400 dhs with one free month of connection .
but i still advise u to buy from WANA even though they all suck :^^:

Fabulous info, & so thorough!

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hahahahhhahahahha duuude i said they all suck … but if ur forced to use one of them just use that sucks less :wink:
and by the way … this is not my opinion … there r a lot of questions in moroccan forums about the best internet conection in morocco … and always the answer was WANA …

hhhhhhh ok we get it wana sucks less than the others xD

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iwa daba rani ktar fahma mn 9abl, ktar dakiyya w moins kassoula nchallah :smiley: daba kanfhem ga3333 nonsense dialk

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yes it works! thanks heaps, now i have another problem, i have the s5 that can make calls from the HSDPA modem, i brought mine from Singapore.

My problem is not the phone calls on the modem but the bluetooth, i connect my bluetooth headset to the s5, but after a while (a while being more than 30 minutes) it doesn’t work, and it is completely annoying when i receive a call because the s5 does not have a mic the other person can not hear me.

the icon in the bluetooth section for my headset has a red circle with a line in it, but it is still connected.