what is the word for “international” in darija, and also in middle eastern Arabic or even fos7a… thanks :smiley:

example of a context:

A: where are you from?
B: has too many origins euuuhhh i’m international

sumsing layk dis, okay? :smiley:


ana, Lalla Aicha, doulia

prbly in morocco they say international with a fancy frenchy accent

yeah we use international with french accent :wink:
but also u can use the fus7a word : 3alami or dowali ( it doesnt sound good in darija :no: )

thanks guys!

ur welcome :wink:

3alami would be like worldwide maybe

haha i knew it mad…d7akni how sometimes the fancy or expensive-sounding things have to be in french :S

@Ach, 3alami = global, don’t mess it with 3alami = my world

@Aicha, International = dawley/dowaley, 3alamey, “anternassyonal”

hhhh anternassyonal xD

thanks guys, but tell me PB what’s the pronounciation difference between the first 3alami and the second 3alami, is one a longer than the other?

my world : 3aaalamee
Inter : 3aaalameyy

aaaaaah i get it, but personally i don’t really stress much on the end of the adjective one… okay thanks for reminding me… :slight_smile: allah y7fdek

[quote=Paperbird]my world : 3aaalamee
Inter : 3aaalameyy[/quote]
do you spell them the same in arabic

the second one (adjective), has a shadda at the end, on the “ya”…


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhh :lol:


duuuude u really surprise me with ur expressions in darija
really bravooooooooo
a lot of natives dont know the ‘‘yak-iiiih-hakak’’ thing :slight_smile:


Ach, right, because it’s supposed to be “3alamiyyun”

l3azz pb choukran…9ouad llogha l3arabia sa3aba baghi bzaaaf chi momarissat dial 9ouad…actualment, ghir khassni nchouf les posts 9adima w 3amr rasi mziane

alalla khassik thadri ri bl3aroubia lyoum :wink:

a mad llah 7afdak bas f aye ya 3am f aye