Integration an issue?

OK guys watch this video, which i found really sad to see, and tell me what you think:

I just want to know for those of us who are living in the west or in any country that has a large number of ‘migrants/immigrants’ is this a common thing that you’ve experienced? is there a constant problem where the children of ‘immigrants’ always go against society and there is no ‘cohesion’ btw the 2 societies?

That’s just disgusting… they’re ruining the reputation of many many immigrants who are trying their best to fit into society and make a living… those kind of people (ones in the video) deserve to be exiled… it’s shameful

About your question, we’ve got a bit of that here but not to the extent where guys just rob or beat up someone for ‘fun’ or ‘trade’… to be honest, I’m more scared of natives (in terms of violence/danger) than immigrants… but that’s probably just my city, I know in Sydney that Lebs are baaaaaaad

yeah i agree with you hun 100% :ok: They look at kids like that and think all immigrants are bad, and do nothing for society and so should be kicked out, despite their parents giving up so much for them to be there in the 1st place :no: I dont see why they’d do that for though? i mean the least u can do is respect the community around you since they were there 1st and not act as though u rule it :hm:

yeah same the UK is very diverse but there this burning issue that Muslims aka immigrants arent integrated enough (soooooooo annoying to hear) and then theyll show examples of run down muslim areas that r full of umemployment and kids hanging on street corners and that but they fail to realise that not all of us are lazy couch potatoes, i aint slavin at uni for nuffin ya know! haha lol :wink:

WORDDDDDD :smiley: