Insolite Moroccan Pix

so in this thread we r gonna post all funny insolite pix taken in morocco :stuck_out_tongue:

i start with this one : and yeah u can give ur pic a title just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

dirty love :stuck_out_tongue:

Removed by admin

this is the first time i c ppl payin their tickets to push not to ride :smiley:

ps- for natives : fin had teswira yallah ? :stuck_out_tongue: w hadak tobiss fin ghadi :smiley:

I vote for the first picture to be removed.

The bus is in Casa, ghadi l derb seltan.

AGREE :ma:

The bus, it’s in Mohammadya , i have a picture standing next to that wall…of course if it’s where i think it is :roll:

looollll i vote too :smiley:

OMG jrad hada looolllll
i can c a hot chick with a bikini :stuck_out_tongue: chkon chafha ? :smiley:

dude when is ur birthday :S

ach bgha ygoul hada ze3ma :stuck_out_tongue: ???

Mad, koun ghir 7iyydti taswira lowla, bla ma tjik LA t7iydha :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kheliha tekhdem chwya mali gotlha tkon modo :stuck_out_tongue:

aji machi salon dialk hadak par hazard ??? lol

Lehla ye7yik…

wa baraka mn chafawi w 9ellet lyadawi … post chi tof a doudi

that one from Rabat loooool
I love Oudaia :slight_smile: In this pic beach looks like I have never seen it haha… and really don’t want… this pic is enough… I prefer that place in more quiet state :wink:

GOOD ONE! Never heard it!

Oh mad, you didn’t tell us where the bus is heading to.

@ touta
yeah i like this place too but not in summer lol

@ doudi
never heard it :s awili awili galek meghribia … anzid m3ak semana b7al haka anbedel jinssia .

euh its rabat … and the bus is goin to salé :wink:

1st pic is still there :blink:

Next time, click on the report button.

i cant understand why he is gonna report it :s
and dont tell me there r children in the forum :open_mouth:

It’s for the general sense of decency in the forum.