Inshallah you'll have a blessed life.....

i want this to be translated into darija, plz try to make it as “ALGERIAN” as possible :smiley:

Inshallah you’ll have a blessed life full of success, faith and happiness, and may every moment in your life be more beautiful than the last.

Thanks :slight_smile:

and how cute is my new avatar, ayyyyyyyyy i’ll eat it from cuteness

o_O riiiiight

Inshallah ybark lk f 7yatek w ykhalliha kolha naja7, iman w far7a, w llah ykhalli koll la7da f 7yatk a7san mn tanya.
I don’t think it differs a lot from Algerian…

& yeah, your nephew looks cute xD

offffff u need to see the reply i got… thanks dude, llah y7fdek : ))))))))

my nephew??? yes just inadvertently call me a monkey, thank you