innovative wedding invitation

[color=#111AED]Innovative wedding invitation

:mdr: but the wedding is today…

I noticed that > i believe they had a lot of uninvited guests as it was already surfaced over the net months ago … :hm:

but lucky for them that India is far away for most of those people.

Wow :D. That’s a good one! The sweetest invitation ever! (Thanks to the chocolate wrapped in it :D)
I didn’t realize it was for today, until you pointed to that, Nuwwara.

Do you realize how many Indians are online? :hap: Millions of them, tbarkllah! India must all be there celebrating the wedding :D.

It could be just a fictive invitation to create a buzz online, after all ;).

Sure but add to that the rest of the world and I don’t know how much Indians are online in English.

You can try and call them tomorrow to find out.