Can someone tell me if they sell in Morocco brown sugar (cassonade) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)? I know there is baking powder (alsace brand). Thanks. Oh, and I love that recipes for baghrir and za3louk have made their way. How about meloui and harira? Can someone give me easy recipes for these? Thanks.


Harira Recipe move to here

Hello Angie :).
Sodium bicarbonate is available in drugstores. As for brown sugar, I think that you can find it easily here, although it’s not really used in the Moroccan cuisine. I don’t even know how it’s called in Arabic.
As you can see, ummanderrahim posted a Harira recipe already. For Meloui, it’s mainly about the way it’s done: which I can do proud :8. I’ll post inshallah a recipe if someone else isn’t faster :).

Have you ever tried za3lôk?