In Morocco on Short Trip until the 17th

Send me a msg if you hear about anything fun going on or want to do something!

pb na3zimak 3la ghada?? :stuck_out_tongue:

lucky u r :frowning:

youre hearingf some real darija so u dont even drop by here no more… wakha wakha

haha its not even like that i just dont have time!

but yea i saw rouicha live last night…it was incredible i stood next to his bus and he passed right by me!!!

i think pbs scared he doesnt wanna eat lunch :stuck_out_tongue:

omgomgomg u serious??? did ya run up to him & tell him that you’re such a huge fan of his!!! DON’T TELL ME YOU DIDN’T!!

pb is in hiding, doesn’t come here anymore either :S somebody should hit him up by email.

you in casa btw?

are u spying on me

yea right now i am in caza bla n9a until tomorrow why

u ask on an international (:P) forum if ppl wanna have lunch with u and now ur scared about your security jjjj relax paranoiac :stuck_out_tongue:

enjoy man

just for you…somehow u know as soon as i come to caza…thats scary :stuck_out_tongue:

ps what do u think of biggs new album i like caza negra really good douiska

i totally fluked it, don’t be scared. :^^:
but if you’re scared that i’ll come and beat u with my fist power, coz u know i can, then yeah u should be scared :stuck_out_tongue: jjj

mm im not a fan of bigg… didn’t hear that track either, might check it out some time…

better check it if u think u kno good hip hop :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you mean JUNE 17th ? if yes…then too bad ! i only knew on June 20th :no:

no good PB. ach was so excited to have lunch with you and you ruined it!!! :stuck_out_tongue: he was gonna shout u some bebbouches


haha welllll that was a nice piece of trickery PB but unfortunately i have tricked u…i extended my stay and ill actually here until the 29th, ill be in rabat taking some classes. i know its a little far 4 u, but anybody should come and check me out if they want to mer7aba…i had a phone but i lost it so the best way is just 2 send me a PM, ok guys? cool. except lalla dont even think about it.

i’m not a fan of snails anyway

bibouch daroriiiii akhti daroriiii. @ least u can drink the juice.