In desperate need of translation. I'm new to this langauge. Thank you so much in advance!

Hi! I’m new to this language and I’m still learning. I wrote some words that I know, but I’m also not sure if it’s correct. :sweat_smile:

Ghadi - is going to
Deyal - of
Quais? - (Yup?)
Shnu? - (What?)

Can someone please translate the conversation below?

Person1: 3refti shnu l2oumniya dyali?
Person2: Shnu?

Person1: Hiya ntzewej bshy wahed smito SSI Brahem bash fash y9reb yjibo ngolo " allez SSI Brahem allez SSI Brahem"

Person2: Maerft wash ndhak
Person2: Wla nbki
Person1: Flash



The word you wrote are correct. And good luck to learn this language.

  • conversation translation:

Person1: do you know what is my dream?

Person2: what is it?

Person1: I wanna marry someone called ‘SSI Brahim’ (this one is a famous Moroccan meme she tried to make a joke with it), so every time he’s going to cum out i will tell him let’s go ‘SSI Brahim’ let’s go ‘SSI Brahim’

Person2: I don’t know should i laugh
Person2: or should i cry

Person1: why? (Not sure because maybe this person mess a letter)

And i wish i helped

Thank you so much for your help! God bless you! :smile: