Important translation needed - IM DESPERATE ):

I miss how you did treat when I just left el jadida… with your sweet messages.
but now it seems like you wont even talk to me…
Every day I wait on facebook just for you to come online, and when you finally come online,
you take so long to reply, because of you talk to alot of girls i guess.
If you dont wanna talk to me no more, just tell me.
I will leave you alone then, and wont get on your nerves.
And will try to forget you even though its impossible

bzef 3leki wlla ;D

heres my imperfect try

w keif konti ta3mol ma3ia mlli 3ad mchit min ljadida…avec lmsgat zouinin bzaf
lakin daba b7al mabgheitich ga3 thadr ma3ia
kol youm ri kansten lik tdkhal facebook
w nta makatjawabch bzaf…3ndak bzaf dial binat khassak thadr ma3hom yak
ila mabghitich thadr ma3ia ri 9ol mat7achamch
wana nkhilik boua7dak
whawal nansak 7eit maykemnch ana