Important translation needed - I BEEG YOU :(

salam, I beg you to translate me this few lyrics sentences from some of tamer hosnys songs.
thank you so much !

The feeling that I can’t see you with my eyes,
is so hard.

You don’t know how much I miss your hugs.

Though you are far away from me, my eyes
still dream of you.

I would die just to hug you again.

I just want to know how you live without me

I wait for the day, when I come back to you.

Not a moment passes by that you are not in my

Tell me you love my, my precious love.

Pay attention to me, this is not the way to
treat me.

The beautiful days we spent toghether
mean nothing to you.

How could you forget me, while all I do is think of you.

Months went by and i still miss you,
and your eyes.

If only you would come to me during my sleep,
and with a touch of your hand awaken me.

If u have the translation then you should obviously have the original arabic lyrics to it aswell.