important translation needed for a chat convo (SHORT) pls help :/

1 wach t7anti salma

2 iwa kant fadwa dwzha lik

3 safi sa lia bozabal

4 Gross

5 knti ri tal9ha

6 Gross

I removed 4 and 6. Ask someone privately.

oh my god, I’m so so soooo sorry. I didn’t know that. :blush: sorrryyy :confused:

1 wach t7anti salma…have you beaten Salma so hard ?

2 iwa kant fadwa dwzha lik … (not clear) but literally it says : “was Fadwa, pass her to you”

3 safi sa lia bozabal…just forget about those rubbish people

5 knti ri tal9ha…you were just having fun / missing around

Message me for #4 & #6

message sent :slight_smile:

recieved none ! i figured out that i was linking my profile to a false email addresse, i corrected it…

so try again, or send via hotmail :

message has been sent :slight_smile: