Images: Zooming in Food

Brilliantly creative, don’t you agree? :cool:

And some more :slight_smile:

I love them!!
AMAZZIINNGGGGGG!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
esp the della7

C’est très bien fait. bravo et merci pour le partage.:okay:

Who brings all the cool stuff? :mdr:
Je t’en prie, Kounouz. Ca fait plaisir :).

WOW cool I liked the doughnut :wink:

which one is the “della7” :hm:

Dllâ7 is battîkh in the middle east :D.

YA sorry! batikh:D, watermellon

No I’m sorry I was supposed to know it… :smiley:

ok u learned a new word today! :slight_smile: