If You Love Internet Too Much...

And you had spent too much time online…
And you had seen thousands and thousands of pages…
And you just can’t let go of the virtual world…

Then it’s high time you saw THIS.

PS: You actually are a real Internet freak if you have already seen that page. If not, then you’re still in the process :^^:.

NOOOOOO, not the end!!!


It seems that you girls never went that far :D.

Oh! I already reached the end of the internet… But just like any book, I re-started browsing it from page 1. :smiley:

The end of the Net !! If I reached it then what I am doing right now :smiley:

A serious problem, the virtual life as you said…

hahah well nice link, but why read a book, when you can download it and dont waste paper (save some trees) for printing it :wink:



You are right about trees, but save your health from computer, your eyes and many things…

The book can’t be replaced by “Word” or other things, I think :slight_smile:

Here is another version of it: The End of the Internet. :hap:

Assalamu alaikum

I liked your second version of the “End” the best. While I do spend too much time on-line, I read many books also.