I was listening to moroccan children song called "chta tata tata".....

so I was wondering can anyone help me with the translation of these lines in the song:

a l’m3allem bouzekri
l’maja3a nayda f’ddar

thanks in advance!!

and also, does anyone know any other moroccan songs sung fi rawd et f lmdrasa?

merci 3oud tani!


that’s fnaire’s songgggggggggggg
luff them :smiley: <3

u probably already know that a lm3allem means “oh teacher/sir” and bouzekri i think is the dude’s name

so a lm3allem bouzekri = mister bouzekri / teacher bouzekri

i think :blush:

a l’m3allem bouzekri = Mister/Teacher/Master Bouzekri

l’maja3a nayda f’ddar = The famine at home (it means everyone at home is hungry or everyone at home eats like a cannibal) :smiley:

merci lallaAicha et dafir for your help!!

the song makes more sense now!!


you’re very welcome dudette !! :smiley:


by chance, do u know how to say “dudette” and “dude” in arabic?

sat and sata :smiley:

thanks again!!!

you’re very very welcome little kitten !!