I want to marry your daughter

Please help, how do you say ‘I want to marry your daughter’ in Darija. Thanks.

I would throw in my translation, but this is something serious, so i don’t want you to look stupid with my translation :slight_smile: let’s wait for the others.

hahahahahah well there r many ways :smiley: … as lalla said thats sth serious :stuck_out_tongue: … so it must be in a formal way : for example u can say :

  • ana taleb ragheb f yed bentkom ( the name here ) .
    or simply : ana baghi ntzewej b bentk ( and mention her name after this … coz if he has two girls he will give the ugliest ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue: JK )

WOW, thank you soooo much. :smiley:

Just notice a difference between the two expressions: bentkom, your daughter, address to the plural, as in talking to both parents, or the family, or just as a way of being polite to the father - Vs bentek, your daughter, addressed to the singular.

You can pick up which one you want to use in whatever expression you choose.