I urgently need translation from moroccan, pls help

My boyfriend reeived that from his ex-girl:
la wallah mansitic …
**** hadi na;va dyali… tahla f rasic


No phone numbers please.

hiya, yep, i understand, this was a fake number, i changed it, thx


I’m not a Moroccan, but I’ll try to translate as far as I understood :slight_smile:

la wallah mansitic …[/quote]
No I swear I didn’t forget you”

I can’t figure out the first part but since phone numbers were deleted, so i guess it means: “that’s my new number”
and finally

“take care”

finally. im soooo grateful. thank you Gretchen so much :slight_smile:
hm, it doesnt look good… is it alright my boyfriend received that from his ex?

i wouldnt be happy about it

I think that’s ok !!

is that ok? I dont think it is. they had a history before, my boyfiend says they dont talk to each other,so why she sends him email saying she did not forget him and give him her phone number to call her in morocco where she is on holiday???
i can add that I know she still have feelings for him, this email is not appropriate, especially that she knows he is with me. i dont know what to think, she is a young muslim women, religous and wearing hijab, born in england. any moroccans: do you believe she would be capable of being a lover of someone who has already have a girlfriend? istn’t it haram?

this looks like a reply email though

la walla mansitch says no i swear i didn’t forget…soooo, she is obviously saying “no” to a question he asked, which would probably be “did u forget me?”… i think u should check the sent folder too just incase :slight_smile: since u’ve got that much access already.

i checked sent folder obviously, i found nth. but he could sent her sms or sth. he says he asked her to forget about him when she was going away on holiday… and that was her reply…its hard to believe, isn’t it :frowning:

well if u trust ur man u gotta believe it