I Think My Boyfriend Is Cheating Please Help Transate

taana fera7ete bazafe me le hedarete me3ake,wew fageteye 3eleya chewea,fe hade rereba ,wache neteye mesateya kefache nesake yale sakena fe 9alebe,nehare telate nehadrouwe mazeyane ,we rape ye3awenake 3ela 9erayetake ,we ma tamecheche 3anede dake la3achabe salegoute hhh,tehala azene

maybe you should talk to him about it. it feels weird to help you spy.

it feels even more wierd to think he could be doing this to me- ihave no one to ask what it means except for his family - i have asked him and he said they are just friends - should i be worried - im not spying by i dont want to be hurt

weird feelings are subjective i suppose…i dont know if you can say definitively that my weird is less than your weird :unsure:

maybe wait and someone will come along willing to send send you a personal msg and translate them…this happens sometimes…or maybe someone will translate them right here or maybe you can send a msg asking someone…all i can say is that me i have a rule about these kind i am sorry dear and good luck

or make some more arab friends!!!..if your man is the only arab you know…maybe thats bad…on a few levels, not just bc you cant get translations :neu:

we live in england - i met him in south africa so we have not much link to morocco. i am sure you have a rule about this. i dont want to jepordise any of your values. we have been together for 6 years. as you can imagine i really am struggling here - but i understand if you cant help

ok so i know that this is not what you wanna hear right now and i understand you might be upset and i feel for you but:

there are a lot of moroccans in england! i hope you can get involved in the moroccan community, learn some darija etc…it is very easy to do, especially if you are in london or another big city. especially after 6 years…it will really help your relationship if you understand his culture, his language, go to morocco and experience…maybe you can understand each other better.

you can also use this website to learn darija!

i go to moroccco every year and i do want to learn. actually i try to learn and can have a conversation but i dont understand the writing with all the numbers in it. i jave just found this website and will most definatly us it to learn. thanks for the advice. but it still doesnt help me right now. i love the country morocco and all the people in it. i love my boyfriend too but would hate to think he is taking me for a ride.

if there is anyone else out there who understands where i am coming from and woudl like to help me, i would greatly appreciate it.
thanks chokran!

ello lema! wag1?
funny how he spelt rabbi as rape lol anyways i cudda helped in the translation but it seems like ur spying on him … ain’t cool mate
insecurity & lack of confidence will def ruin ur relationship … just saying :confused:
bestest of luck

hhhhhhhh oui bzaf hadchi

whats worse - having a gut instinct that there may be something going on with your boyfriend and another girl because you share a skype and email and find the emails / chats because they are on your account! or is it worse to have a feeling and never ask becuase you dont understand the language? put yourself in my shoes mate - im not spying - it happends to be on my account that i share with him, but as its in arabic he may think ill never find out thats why he didnt even bother to hide it?

i think lema has the right to know… she should know who she’s dating

sorry i can’t help tho, ain’t a native

Lema - please write to me if you have not had assistance yet :slight_smile: I could not send a private message as your email is marked private. I am still learning this forum but i thinkif you set your privacy setting to hide email but allow form - it lets us type private without seeing your email address…this is what i chose - let me klnow if i was correct LOL