i need your help


can somebody kindly translate some words/sentences to me, pleaaaaze. They are in darija but with a slang i suppose.

“yallah 7el wednik”

“awla blach”



“rak chemmechti b had la karnï”

“llah yesle7, lebniyya dyal l-khet yak”

And one thing i want to ask is do people call their friends in morocco “bba” father even thought they dont have kids and they are under 30s? I find it rather strange :smiley:

Hi. I hope that you took a few moments to read the translation guidelines. There is no need to post a request twice, we’ll get to you whenever possible. Please be patient.

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“yallah 7el wednik” --> Literally: Come on, open your ears. Meaning: Come on, listen!

“awla blach” = Or no need to.

“bzoujkoum” = Both of you.

“ykemmel” = He finishes/ completes.

“rak chemmechti b had la karnï” --> Not sure what is meant by karni here. The rest is: You did stay under the sun with this karni.
I guess it means: You kept the notebook with you for too long. Just a random guess though. If you have a context to provide, let us know.

“llah yesle7, lebniyya dyal l-khet yak” = May God protect her. She is your niece (daughter of your sister), right?

We Moroccans are full of humor ;). So yeah, I’d call a buddy bba Ali for example, just for fun. It’s not like calling an old man uncle out of respect. It’s just a joke. Strangely, you never call a girl mmi Samira for example. Bba Ali is more common.

Thank you for traslations. Oops i posted the same question twice by accidently i guess.

Theres another things ive been wondering is if in morocco they call as “adam” the people who belong to the family? I`ve heard they say “dyal adam” about a little girl but then again i was wondering if a girl can be called adam :smiley:

The sentences made sense, but one sentence i dont understand i will put it in it context: “A sidi Rakoum bzoujkoum rzalin, llah ykemmel llikoum koulchi bihHir”. I know some words in that but the overallt meaning is in shadow. By the way what in arabic grammar is the letter “a” and letter “b” before the letter?

There are other sentences i`d need translation too:

“chhal sa3a akhay”

“chahitini fchi 3oma fdak labhar wallah”

No, not at all. Adam is solely used as a masculine name. Dyal Adam means Adam’s, and can’t refer to a girl. You probably misunderstood, or didn’t hear them well.

The sentence is: “Your both look marvellous, may God make everything go well”. We say Allah ikmml bikhir normally to people who got engaged and planning to get married, you wish them that everything goes fine.

A is used to call out to someone. Fhmtî a Suomitar?

B is the second letter of the alphabet. Joke! Did you study MSA? (You didn’t introduce yourself yet :fouet:). If you did, then b is 7arfu jarr here as well.

What time is it, brother?

You made me wish to swim in that beach, I swear.

Wow the one sentence was so much different than i thougth :^^: It really helps us a lot to have this kind of page, even if you look at dictionary the context of the sentence doesn`t always come across right way. I was thinkin that: “a sidi Rakoum bzoujkoum rzalin” meant “sir Rakoum both of the men” but then you told the right meaning that was something complete else :^^: Also allah ikmml bikhir was nice to know coz it was said to a couple engaged :hap:

I forgot to mention what “a sidi” means. It’s like “O Sir”. So the sentence was addressed to a man.
Men is rjal. Ghzâl means beautiful. Ghzâlîn is the plural of it.

So, olet Suomesta?