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In english language the simple present tense is used when : the action is general, the action happens all the time, or habitually, in the past, present and future. the statement is always true or when the action is not only happening now…etc
Sorry for the lesson! well my question is : How do we use the Simple Present in dareja? by simple present I mean ana nshouf, nta tesme3, howa yedreb o hiya tedreb, w jjiran yfar9o…ect

Thanks in adcance

It’s the same as you wrote but u add ka i.e kayedreb, katesma3…etc. the way you’re writing them is correct & understandable too, but with “ka” (or “ta”) is more specific.

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Thanks for your help …though I guess I have been misunderstood or perhaps I didn’t explain myself well.
I think “ka” is used to express the idea that something is happening now, at this very moment (present continuous) kaydreb means He’s beating/hitting.
I know when to use kaydreb or taydreb but i don’t know when we use yedreb (simple present) I hope you’ll have the kindness to read my question again.

No one won the fight because of the intrusive neighbors who intervened to stop the fight but I was told the woman did a good job (it was 8th of March)

Ka is for simple present too. “yedreb” is no different, its just a matter of accents.

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i think that ka+verb = present continuous or simple present ( as a habit )
ex: ana dima kanakol f zen9a (present)
Q: ach kadir? A: kanakol ( present continuous)

while yakol which comes from the arabic tense “almodari3” is present too :^^: i think wallaho a3lam

shame on you guys :d
MAD I said i know when to use the ka or ta form. I’m asking about the other form of present. when do you use yakol ya jji3an :wink: ??

yakol wla mayakolch wana mali :smiley: … this is an example , but i really dont know where to use it exctly
but im sure it is a present :stuck_out_tongue: