I need some help in that translation, please!!!!! Thx!!!

7biba tw7chtk o bagha nhdw m3ak wajab 7biba dyalk kenmout 3lik

hun i miss u and i wanna talk to u . so answer ur darling . i love u so much

Hi, first of all, thank you. I ´ve got some questions.

The message is for a boy or for a girl?

Looking at the content, I deduce that is from a lover, isn´t it?

The context shows it’s a love mesage from a boy to a girl.

well i think that the msg is from a girl … coz it says : ‘’ bagha ‘’ (i want) not ‘‘baghi’’ ( the masculin form)
and it can be addressed to both girl and boy … coz she didnt use any word to specify a gendre from the other .

ps- this is in case ‘’ bagha" isnt a typo , coz there r a lot of typos in the msg

Right, so it’s from a girl, but to another girl, because “7biba” is only said to feminin or kids of both genders.

Interessting, thank you

sorry PB but i heard the word 7biba said to boys too … ( and its a personal experience :^^: )

Yes, Moroccan girls say 7biba to a guy whose gender isn’t so conspicuous. And it makes sense in Mad’s case.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so funny lalla :stuck_out_tongue:
but we r teaching ppl here :^^:
moroccan girls say 7biba to their BFs and also to children :wink: