I need in your help plz

Ana mouaddar = I m lost …??? :huh:

Guysss, how to say “Have a nice trip”

…and is there a difference between vacation trip and business one?

Thanx :wink:

Bonjorno sinorita (i hope i spelled it right) :blush:

yeah the 1st one was right, mouaddar or mwedder is to be lost.

Have a nice trip… :unsure: u know such expressions doesn’t really exist in Darija, but u can say: “ri7la sa3ida” or “ri7la mowaffa9a”…sa3ida is better.

A vacation trip, we usually say: ri7la, 3otla, vakonce (vacance).
For business, there’s no specific name, we say for example Paperbird is away for a business trip = PB msafr 3ando lkhdma <— that’s it.
if u say “ri7lat 3amal” it woud sound ok.

i hope i’ve been clear.

Konnichi wa, Paperbird :wave:

Yeah I understand :ok:

Thank youuuu!!

we say triq salama
Allah yeddik w yejibek 3la khayr

Ahh… thank you Za3ma :wink:

It seems I’ve already seen “triq salama” somewhere here …

…it means smth like “safe journey”, right ?

and one not about journey… plz
… al yakoutta :blink:

[quote=Touta]and one not about journey… plz
… al yakoutta :blink:[/quote]
Didn’t get what ur asking exactley

ehh… I just wanted to know the meaning of “al yakoutta”… it doesn’t exist ?

Yakoutt is the ruby, yakout or yakoutta is a given name for girls which means ruby.
do u have it in a contextn maybe its’ misspelled & means sth else

ah… it’s more clear now…
it’s just a phrase “al ghezalla dyali al yakoutta” …

so ? it means what you said ?

Absoluely, yatoutta :wink:


Thank you, ??? :wink: