I need correction(anisa)

anti fik sda3 bezaf= you’re too much annoyed
dima katbarztini= always bother me
ou makatsam3ich liya= you don’t listen to me

wach hadchi s7i7?

Some corrections:

anti fik sda3 bezaf= you’re very annoying
dima katbarztini= you always bother me
ou makatsam3ich liya= and you don’t listen to me

oh! thanks for your help :slight_smile:

how did you learn English?

You’re welcome :).

Err… Dunno, but it wasn’t just school, MBCs are in for a huge deal :^^:. When you watch American stuff with Arabic subtitles, you sure end up learning the language.

Thank you for taking your time to answer my question.
About me I just started an english school, then I feel like I’m stuck in some words… Sometimes I understand the conversation, but I can’t talk very clearly, that’s my problem , I can’t speak english!
Thank you once again!

My teacher told me the sentence number 2, that you wrote, can be also said like this: you always keep bothering me

Although “you always bother me” and “you always keep bothering me” sound similar, but they have different meanings.
The first means that the action (to bother) starts and ends, then starts and ends, and so on, so forth. The action loops.
In the second sentence, the action started at some point, and it never ended, and it’s still going on and on.
That’s my understanding of the difference between the two.
Deciding which one to choose depends highly on the context of your sentence.