I need a simple translation into Moroccan Arabic (transliterated)

This is sort of stupid, but I just started dating someone from Morocco and he thinks its so cute when I post messages to him in Moroccan. I’ve asked a friend but I think he is getting tired of translating for me. So, I thought Id try here.

Here are a few things id like to know how to say (for now and the future so I dont have to ask every day!) I know they are random, just humor me!:

I want to feel my heart flutter

Only You

Hoping to Smile

Hope this makes you smile

Life is confusing

Missing you

(if there are other things you think i should know…feel free to suggest)


Welcome to the forum, earstoou. Please let us know a little about yourself and interest in Morocco and Darija in thenew members forum.

I want to feel my heart flutter = Bghit n7ss bqlbi yfrfr.
–> The word I used for “flutter” is a little bit funny :hap:.

Only You = Ghir nta.

Hoping to Smile = Kantmnna nbtasm.
–> Translated as: I hope I will smile.

Hope this makes you smile = Kantmnna had shi ykhllik tbtasm.

Life is confusing = L7yat katllf.

Missing you = Tw77shtk.

Just browse through this translation forum and check previous translation requests. You’ll certainly find there things that can be useful to you.

There you go!

Thanks so much!! This was so helpful and quick.

My pleasure :).