I met a morrocan online

Im not sure if i have picked the right category. Im a 30 year old FIlipina. I met a morrocan in a dating app. we met after a week. after that meeting, he became aloof. he’s not messaging me consistently. I asked him of he had a change of heart… he said that he just bothered with his work as he might lose his job due to this pandemic. he said that i should me thinking that way because he likes me. but there’s something stopping me from believing him. I dont know if i am just paranoid or what. We did IT on our first night… is it the reason why he is no longer showing too much attention than before? :frowning:

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Hmmm. I’m probably no help as I have never been to Morocco and don’t know much about the culture other than what I have heard. However, my boyfriend is Moroccan and he has been out of work since March because of the pandemic and quarantine. Morocco has had strict rules about shutting things down and they won’t lift the restrictions until May 20.

There’s 2 things that I can tell you. It’s up to you which one to believe.

1.) Move on because the guy is not into you. Otherwise, he’ll be moving mountains just to get in touched with you. They’re like hunters and they like challenge.

2.) Give him a benefit of the doubt who knows he’s really that busy and relationship is not his priority for now.

I am surrounded with Moroccan (friends, colleagues and my fiancé).

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