I love you in Moroccan Arabic

“I love you in Moroccan Arabic”





yeah… so short and clear :slight_smile:

or nmoot 3lik / kanmoot 3lik (literally: i’ll die for you/ i die for you/ i bloody love you)

kanbghik mn kol qalbi (i love u with all my heart)

or maybe, nti shaghla bali ya bent bledi, nbghik ana nbghik, 3laaach ya bent nass matbghinich… wech katbghini wla la? wech katmoot 3liya wla la wech rak lass9a fiya wla la… etc

hhhh jokes. first and second line is serious though, forget about the rest

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aicha :lol:

see guys…ask the experts :smiley:

jjjjjjjj 7asha, if im an expert than you’re the teacher of the expert, which makes you a…

p.s: PB the fous7a expert get your butt in the arabic thread, m7ml w mjml, i need your wisdom over there :smiley:

maybe she wants “in moroccan arabic” translated too
didn’t u see it in the quote

kanbghik f-l3arabiyya maghrebiyya


no 1 would say that :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah they would actualy :ok:

we can say : “kanbghiiiiiiiiiik b l 3arbiyaaa” :^^:


bl3arabia is different from fl3arabia maghrebia

:stuck_out_tongue: ne way i didnt mean to pick but just 2 make sure you didnt learn the wrong way