I have a project...

Actually, I don’t…
… I was just typing, and the word “project” came in, and my eyes popped out… why the hell does this word look so wrong? it just looks weird to me… it just happens sometimes that you stare at a word and wonder if it’s actually spelled like that… it happened to me, so I thought I’d boggle your mind with the trivia :smiley:

Happy new start of the year!

Yours truly.

lollllll luv luv luv how you guys totally ignored this lollll

hahahaaa not ignored, just overlooked :stuck_out_tongue:
there, i just dis-ignored it :smiley:

omg DL i have no idea wat u wer takin but u wer deinitely hyper! :hap: this is such a random thread lol :smiley:

:no: zgueltk a enti a DL fach 7ma9iti :stuck_out_tongue: amma kon newedtha m3ak hhhhhhhh