i can eat this kid!! (not literally) xD

just look at how he dances…


Moroccan blood :D! Rythm runs in the veins :^^:.
Very cute video. Thanks for sharing, MPM.

ya sooo cuute XD

lol you’re welcome, i wasn’t sure as to whether he is moroccan or not coz they’re pretty dark, but if you say so then he must be :smiley:

You can hear Darija in the video. :wink:

Moroccans do not have a unique “color”. Some were originated from African countries. And some who live in rural areas in the North look whitish and have blond hair, and some exceptional color eyes. I don’t know if you heard about the story of the little girl called Madeleine who disappeared in Portugal and was believed to be seen in Morocco. Well, a tourist spotted a small Moroccan girl who looked like Madeleine, and he reported that to the police, only to find out that the girl is pure Moroccan, but looks pretty much like the European lost one.
Morocco is diversity ;).

ooooo i see, merci SM pr l’explication :wink: