I am tired, thirsty, hungry

Hi all!

would like to know if Darija uses the same equivalent of Ana ta3bana, 3aTshana, Jaw3ana or does Darija have its own equivalents? thanks! :slight_smile:

No, it dioffers a little :ok:

Tired: 3yan/na, 3yit, skhfan/na, skhaft, mhlook/ka, thlekt

Thirsty: 3atshan/na, 3tasht, fiya l3tash, sh7fan/na, sh7aft

Hungry: fiya jjoo3, je3t, jee3an <—jee3an often means someone who doesn’t like to spend, so it can be unapropriate, fiya jjoo3 is the common one.