I am hyper

I don’t know if it’s all the sugar I consumed today, or what… but you gotta learn how to deal with me, since we are virtual neighbors and stuff… one minute I am dead bored, and the next second I am posting non stop on the forum, regardless of who’s around, if any people at all…

if you’re hyper too, jump in :bounce:




better quit…lmara lli fatat w kont baghi nchta7 ma3 ntiya w lalla 9oltoli khassni n7taram nefsi…daba you look like cheikhat hado :PPPP tydirou bounce 3la nachid!!!


7a99a: wach 3adi dakchi?

7a99a: just teasing :lol::^^::lol::^^::lol::^^::lol:

i’m alwayyyyyyyyyys hyper, if i wasn’t i’d think there’s something wrong with me :unsure:

DL, i know your illnesss, bi-polar disorder :bounce: :stuck_out_tongue:

lolll @ ne7tarem nefsi… ach khoya, in Marruecos we say rasi, not nefsi… As if the essence of humans down here is the HEAD (rasi) while elsewhere it’s the SOUL (nefsi). Deep, ah?
I didn’t bother check cheikhat, not ma thing :stuck_out_tongue:

LA, bipo what? Noooo, I never said I was depressed, I was hyper in a good way…

nah nah i said it coz one minute you’re … and next minute you’re … i know it from myself :stuck_out_tongue:

lol funny thread

lli bghiti