how to type this in Moroccan


I was wondering if someone can tell me how to say this in Moroccan.

“I am glad that you no longer want to leave things up to chance. I am so proud of you for deciding that you want better for yourself. I believe in you.”

I noticed I can write words in Moroccan but when I see other people type in a conversation there is numbers and letters. If possible can someone tell me how to say this with the purpose of writing it in an email?



ana fer7ana la79ach mab9itich 3wal 3la zher . ana fakhoura bik la79ach baghi lrassk 7ssen . ana kan2amn bik .

you have asked also about this,

every moroccan (arabic) letter has its equivalence in sound in english, this applies mostly to consonants.
about the numbers, we only use 3,7,2,and 9.

If you didn’t see it before, you can find everything and more in that site on that link here

hmm… I met 5 :blink:

Maybe I m wrong …

No you weren’t wrong…
sometimes they use 5 instead of “kh” which kinda gives the pronunciation of the arabic letter ? (as far as I remember) and stimes 8 instead of “gh” or ?

well the 5 and 8 are rarely used …

Hi everybody I didn’t get chance to log back on to say thank you for all your help. i really appreciate it!!:okay:

titi13, are you a girl? because mad wrote the sentence from a girl to a boy

yes she is a girl … :stuck_out_tongue:
but i didnt know if she was sayin that to a boy or a girl … but fianally I DECIDED that she must say this to a guy hhhh

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looooooooooooolll im using ur theory thats all

hmm… I met 5 :blink:

Maybe I m wrong …[/quote]
5 & 2 as in sama2, asma2, ma2loof…etc (hamza sound) are not used much in Moroccan

edit: or that’s whay i see…as words in darija often don’t end with hamza. & we have kh instead of 5