How to say this in Moroccan... plz

Hello Uncle!
I thought about you today so I decided to Email you.
Hopefully the family is doing great and everyone is happy.
I recently remembered Samira and I share the same birthday, that is awesome.
Here is a picture I made for my baby Hiba… please send my love to all.
And also kiss my grandmother for me :slight_smile:
Missing you all…

Please if you could, thanks so much.

salam 3mi/khali *

tfekertk lyoum w golt nseftlk email
hamdollah la famille bikhir 3liha w kolchi fer7an
mo2kharane tfekert samira 3ndi ana wyaha nefss 3id milad
hahya teswira dertha lbenti HIBA … selmli 3la kolchi
w bosli jeddati
twe7echtkom kamline …

*if he is the brother of ur mother use ‘‘3mi’’ , otherwise use “khali”