How to say In Moraccan

Hello grandmother how are ?
I miss you I wish I can speak you language so we can talk more.
How do you feel today?
Next time I will go to Morocco to see you.
Say Hi to family.
I love you huges and kisses for you.
bye I talk to you later.
My God blees you.

The same way of writing is pronunciation?
Thank you in advance:ok:

salam jadati kidayra?
tanbaghi nhadar loghatik bash ihna nahadro ktar
asaha labass lyoum?
lmara ljaya niji aandik fmaghreb in sha allah
salimni aala laa ila
tnahabik aanaqg wa boss
allahi yatol aamrik

thats what i would write and how i would write it for someone who pronounces letters like english. depends on your first language i think. and maybe there are a few mistakes in what i wrote.

i think you wanna say moroccan not moraccan too :wink: