how to say " How was your flight?" and "My flight was long"

Thank you!

me i never heard someone say how was your flight, there probably is a way, but i would say

keif kanat lri7la (kayf kanat lrihla) - how was the trip

3la salamtak (a’la salamtak) - thank god for your safe arrival

lri7la kanat tawila - the trip was long

plane is tayara

hope that helped and some others will hopefully come with better phrases yet

ah and if they say 3la slamtak to you, you should probably say llah yslamak, its the good response that the person you’re talking to will be very impressed by inchallah :slight_smile:

Because people didn’t fly when the Arabs developped their language.

Thos phrases are not bad, &…it’s llah ysellmek

Thank you very much for both of your replies!!