How to appologies?

I really want to express this:

“I’m sorry for being stubborn sometimes and not listen to what you have to say and I’m sorry that I get sad or mad for small things. But as you know I have been living in another world than you have, and when you told me everything about your childhood and what you’ve been going trough I started to think… Who am I to talk? You’re smart and strong because you really know what your’e talking about compared to other people”


sme7li ila mra mra kan9esse7 rassi w makansme3ch achno katbghi tgouli , w sme7li kant9elek w kaytle3li dem 3la 7ajat bssita. walakin rak 3aref ana trebit f 3alam akhor machi b7al dialk , w fach kat9oli 3la kifach 3echti w trebiti , bdit nfeker … chkon ana bach nhder ? nta dki w s7i7 l79ach kat3ref 3lach kathder machi b7al nass lokhrin .

thaaaaank you soooo much!!! You’re so talented, this forum rock!