How Old is the Internet?

Right now, it’s:

25 years
9 months
2 weeks
3 days
22 hours

30 minutes old.

You can constantly check Internet’s age on this website.

So how long have YOU been using Internet?

For me, I’d say up to 9 years so far.

Hmm, if heard,that it’s younger. I guess it’s depend from what state of construction you already call it the Internet. My father bought his 1st computer, that had an only green screen and with it was not even a floppy drive it had a tape one and no Internet. The first time I used the Internet was about 10 years ago, but I would say really that I use it only since 2001.

Since it started being accessible outside of the United states, and other by just military and academic services. That’s when the TCP/IP became worldwide sometime around 1983, I guess.
That wasn’t 9 years of intensive browsing for me either, the frequency of use varies between rare and intensive.

I think I was 2003 when there where celebrations of the 10th birthday of the Internet, that would be 10 years later. Not only in the U.S. they where working on the Internet, I think it was Switzerland where they did also something important.