how much i owe you


I’ve learned that in darija "ch7al 3endi " can mean how much i owe you, but how do you say “how much you owe me” and “how much you owe him”, ( i would say ch7al 3endek, but i don’t know how making difference between the 2 sentences, between me and him)

Thanks for your reply

“Sh7al 3andi” means “how much do i have”, & it means “how much you owe me” beacause its originally “how much do i have that you owe me”

“Sh7al 3andi” is right, but also the common expression is “sh7al ka tsalni”

how much i owe you = sh7al kansalk
how much you owe him = sh7al katsaloo

you can still say “3andi” but only when talking about yourself:
sh7al 3andi = how much you owe me

sh7al 3andek = this is supposed to be “how much i owe you” but it will sound more like “how much do you have”, however, it’s still right & can be distinguished from the context
sh7al 3ando = “how much you owe him” (the same thing)

I hope i was clear enough, if i wasn’t…feel free to ask again more :wink:

My sister in law always responds to me thanking her, whether I say 'JazakAllah Khairaan (and yes, I do actually use nunation most of the time, to my eternal chagrin) or my saying, “BarakAllahu Fiik” with either, “alkhair sabiq mn 3andak” or “dirti kull lkhair”, for what that’s worth.