How good are you at this game?


Follow the little dot into the finish line with the mouse without touching the walls.

Let’s see how far you guys can come :slight_smile:

My best result is to level 5 =)

Edit :

I don’t see it, where is it?

tafoukt took it home with him :smiley:

People by default are GIRLS, why do you assume that everyone around here is a guy? lol
Don’t tell me that you don’t know what tafoukt means in tachelhit. She’ll burn you lollll

no i dont and i dont have to know it loooll
and in all languages ppl are boys by default :stuck_out_tongue:

ps- tafoukt im so sorry didnt know that :slight_smile:

Hahaha oups sorry, i forgot to post the link :S

HAHAHAHA :smiley: @ DL :slight_smile: lol DL is right :slight_smile: im a girl

Madridista, you don’t have to know it, but it’s good to know. It means sun.
See? At least I can teach you something too.

Thanks for the game Tafoukt, will try it and let you know.

Lol it’s cool :slight_smile:

You’re welcome DL , yes let me know when u have tried it :smiley:

DL loooooooooool ofcourse u can teach me a lot of thnigs :stuck_out_tongue: thnx

You know what? I’ve noticed that too of Mad.

Tafoukt, thanks alot sis for sharing this game with us :slight_smile:

I liked the game, until I saw the face that pops up when you touch the wall. No nice.

Hahah @ Madridista that duuuude is hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

Anytime Gretchen :slight_smile:

om my gosh I frikkin had a heart attack when that showed up, with the screams :open_mouth:

Hahahaha :smiley: that was the whole point :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaa :smiley: me 2, i flew up from the chair i swear :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaa :smiley: me 2, i flew up from the chair i swear :p[/quote]
hahaha, and then u decided to kill us with the game too!! j/k hehe
I’m suprised I didn’t scream myself…haha

Hahaha lol yes of course xD :stuck_out_tongue: i like scaring ppl xD

hehe I like scaring ppl too, just don’t like to be scared to death :open_mouth: heheh

Haha i know what u mean :stuck_out_tongue: