How can you find out if a new member is an old banned member coming ba

Usually their style tips you off.

Some even resort to the same avatar or derivations of the name

first of all, why would someone be banned from the moroccan forum ? people here come to learn or to ask help, they’re not looking for any trouble, and Frankly, I don’t think your tips would help to recognize a banned member, but thanks anyway for sharing.

2smrt4u, I actually ban and delete members almost on a daily basis. We have been having spammers coming over and over. This one above is one of them, with that string of spammy links in his signature, which I just removed. It’s funny that he is talking about spammers though.

Oh ! I didn’t think about spammers ! good work for protecting the forum :okay:

& some create threads like this one :ok:

hahaha i knew he’s one of them before even readin’ your replies guys. It’s ironic !! :smiley: