How are you? maybe? not sure!!


I am new to the moroccan language and received a message last week from an old friend I used to know in Morocco (girl). I have tried the usaul translate engines on the web but am completely lost on the below. I think its probably where a word is broken or something or like slang? not sure - any help much appreciated as its bugging me a little that I dont understand! :). I want to reply but dont just want to say good or are you well when I dont know what is said!!

“fin azin sa va kin chi jafaf thla!:)”

Many Thanks

I’ll break it down for you
Fin a zin? => where have you been beautiful / handsome ?
ca va? => French expression that means How are you?
Kin chi jafaf? => is there drought
thla! => see you

Thla is literally take care.