Hoba hoba fanclub

so this thread is dedicated to all HOBA HOBA spirit’s fans :smiley:
her we r gonna put all their great songs and ofcourse a lil intro for those who dont know them :slight_smile:

the 1st song is Trabando … i really like this song … it talks about corruption in morocco and how is everybody corrupts from the poor to the ministre


goulou bazz by hoba hoba ft bigg

this song summerize all the moroccan problems


i was made in morocco a long time ago ,
system chwya flow w 7awelt nfehmo,
and when i realized that mafhemt walo
7etet sla7 w ghenit had l morceau

bach ngoulou baz baz baz …

i will add the other lyrics and the translation incha allah :smiley: now im hungry gtg to the supermarket … c u guys