Hind Laroussi - Summer All Over Again

Maarten reminded me of this song I saw on TV a long long time ago. So I am posting it here.
Hind Laroussi is a Moroccan-Dutch singer. You can tell she is Moroccan from all the nice jewelery she is wearing.


OMG her jewellery are NOT just nice, they are GORGEOUSSSS… i don’t get why singers try making songs in english though, seriously they sound better singing in their own languages… you even see turkish singers now singing in english, we are becoming americanized =S

Lol yes i rant a teeny weeny bit too much :hap:

wooooooooww!!! i love her jewellery! especially the hand-jewel (i don’t know the name) :yuck:

Sarah, you don’t know the name in Darija? It’s dblîj [large]???[/large]. The one she wears in her foot is called Khlkhâl [large]???[/large].

LallaAïcha, the girl doesn’t speak fluent Darija. She grew up in Netherlands. If you check the original link where Marteen mentioned her, you can see a video of her speaking Darija. She said that she has been working on her Arabic to be able to sing in the language.

SM, i see what you mean. But i find that sad, no offense. The strongest bond one has with their heritage is their language. But i think she’s doing great by improving it, at least she is now trying.

KhlKhal is what we call it in turkish too :smiley: but we say Hal-Hal, sounds less violent :hap: JK

No offense taken. The thing is, you can’t necessarily sing well in Arabic if you’re good in English. The Arabic tones are just different. I used to see in some shows (…) what happens when someone English-oriented attempts to sing in Arabic. Mute the TV!

Oh yeah, I know about the H-kh thing, but I didn’t think it would be the case for khlkhal. I know for instance that the Arabic name Khayri is Hayri for Turkish.

Lol i know what you mean!! I had to undertake an arabic class for a semester with people like that xD i mean i respect them and all but i cannot help myself but to laugh when they pronounce words strangely… that’s one of the reasons why i left that subject, i was getting to a stage where i’d laugh throughout many sections of the class and felt that i was being extremely rude.

Yes Hayri is correct. Even the word Khayr or Khir, we say it as Hayr in turkish… another example is: Khafif, we say Hafif :wink: and many many more…